21 Excellent WordPress Website Examples That You Should Check Out in 2023

We’re here to help beginners get online with their self-made websites or blogs and succeed. We’ve discussed 100+ Best WordPress site examples you should check out in 2022. Also, with their details like highlighted topics on their website, their social media accounts, and so on. The website has included how and where to start your fizzle courses in a stepwise manner. Also, videos on various topics like business fundamentals, blogging, etc.

Plus, you can also share your stories about bass and learning to play it on this site. Similar to Vogue magazine, it also updates about the bass of the week. It gives you news, videos, new albums, interviews of bassists, etc. in the menu bar. Magazine covers various topics related to the world such as politics, events, issues, climate change, etc. It also highlights the news on the fight for justice and equality along with current issues ongoing. Presents fashion in the context of culture and society, including how to dress, live and socialize.

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PlayStation is not just for kids who love to play video games. In fact, PlayStation’s WordPress-based website has plenty of information for adults who love connecting with their inner child. Find out about worldwide game drops, trending gaming industry news, and advanced technology that you’ll want to get your hands on right here on the PlayStation Blog.

Small Business Website Design Best Practices & Examples – Forbes

Small Business Website Design Best Practices & Examples.

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It also contains a CTA button, “Get Quote,” so visitors can check their fees whenever possible. Sometimes using fewer plugins makes a more striking effect and creates a unique browsing experience. General Condition is a boutique studio specializing in creating visual solutions and creative concepts based on learning and research.

Bulletproof Musician

Apart from them, the News menu consists of the details on company updates and press releases. Additionally, there’s a separate section for the artists working in the company. The articles are classified into categories like Dance, Interview, etc. You How to create a WordPress website can find his books with the integration of other platforms from which you can buy them. This blog includes tips, resources, and tutorials for photographers to capture elegant photographs. The blog itself is easy to read and uses beautiful typography.

WordPress website examples

Smart Chameleon is a digital agency that creates “complex digital solutions” for their clients. The Next Web is a leading online magazine covering topics like technology, science, internet, and more. Its home page features a magazine layout with featured stories on top followed by latest articles, recent posts by category, and custom sections like deals.

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Its website has a unique look and feels to make it stand out from the crowd. The homepage design is welcoming with the video background it integrates with the headline and call-to-action button. The presentation of the projects they’ve worked on looks great, too, with stunning images and bold typography. The product it offers appears attractive with a nice hover effect. Realtcore is a highly specialized company offering social media management services to real estate professionals. Their services range from regular posting to branded content creation, templates, and paid ad management.

The newly crowned football/soccer world champion Lionel Messi also has a personal website. Its coolest feature is that it counts down to the next matches he will appear in. There are also animated career stats, and you can catch the latest news, access the shop, look at photos, watch videos, and more.

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The zoo’s online presentation is simple and features all of the information a potential visitor needs to get the best possible real-life experience. The site itself isn’t a design wonder but offers just enough to make it onto our list. Its site combines the power of WordPress with the creative minds from the studio, using simple yet effective design to showcase OUAM’s best work.

WordPress website examples

Cake Craft School is an online academy that teaches the fascinating art of fondant modelling. In case you’re curious (we were!), fondant is a special cake icing with a sculptable, paste-like consistency. Spark & Logic is an online education and engagement program that serves the needs of real estate company owners. MemberPress powers the Toolshero website, offering yearly, monthly, and weekly membership options. For anyone who’s ever wanted to learn the Japanese language, The Japanese Page is the go-to online resource. The goal of this online community and resource hub is “To Elevate The Conversation Surrounding Digital Work, Leadership, And The World Of Digital Project Management”.

The next time someone asks me for some examples of membership websites built Memberpress I won’t have to scratch my head. This article itself will do the talking https://wizardsdev.com/ on my behalf and do the work of convincing so that the person ends up buying Memberpress. If you need a new website or blog, CH Creative is your go-to resource.

  • The cPanel blog shares tips, tutorial, and news about the software.
  • RUYA is a creative digital agency from UAE focusing on branding and other services.
  • Facebook has taken over the social media world and holds strong to billions of people around the world.
  • They build trust with their customers by displaying “Secure Payment” and “Trust” badges.
  • From modern to rustic, they build a sign your whole team will love.
  • For gemologists, hobbyists, jewelers, lapidaries and everyone in between.
  • Its website has a unique, playful look with custom cartoon artwork in the background and the KG Happy font.

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